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Welcome to The Pregnancy Centre newsletter

It's our Birthday!!! We are turning 17 at The Pregnancy Centre, having been on line since October 1999!
Interestingly the issues are still the same for many women during and after pregnancy suffering from back and pelvic joint pain, pelvic floor problems, abdominal muscle separation and more.

The good news is that there is much more help available throughout Australia, and the world, with women's health and fitness professionals leading the way in helping women understand more through this time and seek help when they need it.

We founded this website on helping women know more about seeking help for healing physically, now knowing more on the emotional aspects than we did back then that are so important to address. I (Dianne) have recently had the honor of looking at a new course to help women who are suffering in silence in another area. The sensitive area of pregnancy loss. Meagan Schultz has created a course called "An Invitation to Grieve" following her experience with 7 miscarriages, inviting women on a journey to healing through her 21 day e-course. We link to this just below.

Thank you for supporting us, now, and for some of you throughout the time we've been online.


Pre Pregnancy

An Invitation to Grieve

This 21 day e-course created by Meagan Schultz, gives her personal story, connecting so deeply to the understanding women who have lost a baby need.  Each person is different and each pregnancy loss is individual and this healing pathway and journey through An Invitation to Grieve gives women the chance to acknowledge in personal ways their loss and their own story.

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Do you have an abdominal gap?

Have you had your abdominal muscles checked yet by your Physiotherapist or Fitness Professional? Often the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy, which is a normal change that can happen as your baby grows. If the gap gets too big however, the fibrous tissue between your abdominal muscles can stretch too much and the gap may not reduce easily in the first few months after your baby is born.

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Post Pregnancy

Postnatal Firm Foundations ® Fitness

15 years ago we started with creating a video (yes way back when..... a video !) called Firm Foundations ® Fitness. We are bringing this back in DVD format soon to the PMFP so stay tuned. We also have our Postnatal Firm Foundations ® Fitness Class starting on Tuesdays for the term, next week. For the past three months Dianne has been working on an online version to help clients at PMPF who are seeing her, work on their postnatal recovery using her Firm Foundations ® Fitness program. This is now available and from now until the 28th October it will be available half price for $110 for the three month program. Enquire to Dianne at Peel Maternity and Family Practice to find out more.

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