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From the desk of Dianne

We have ensured that we have a collection of the best resources for Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness available at our online store, featuring the work of pioneers, and Australian experts in the area.

All of the featured resources aim for pelvic floor safe programs, when used at the right level for you.
We know from experience that sometimes it takes more time than expected to recover from pregnancy changes, and we want to say that being postnatal takes time.

Often when women have their 6 week check with their doctor or midwife, they may think that their body is "back to normal", however, remember that pregnancy changes took time, and so does postnatal recovery.

This area is a highlight of our website - Returning to Sport and Exercise, together with our Postnatal Exercise Handouts, Stories and Guidelines. In our newsletter today we'll continue to link to some of these areas, however if you have more questions or a story to share, please contact us online as we love to hear back from you.



Pre Pregnancy

A Pelvic Floor Checklist for your Next Pregnancy

We know that becoming pregnant again, if this is not your first, may find you not as fit as you were at the beginning of your journey into motherhood, so often this is a time to pay more attention early on to the important muscles of your body - your pelvic floor and abdominals which often can stretch more quickly second or third time around. Here is a Pelvic Floor Checklist to help you to get started on caring for you as you nurture your baby and growing family.

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Choosing Furniture and Nursery Equipment

Often there are so many choices to make with selecting baby equipment and things for the nursery. Taking care of your back and body are a part of this choice, and we have put together some helpful physiotherapy advice for this time.

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As Your Shape Changes

Need to know the basics about your pelvic floor and about your abdominal muscle separation, and how to best reduce it? Do you know how to measure your separation or where to get it checked? What about testing how well you are working your pelvic floor? For a self guided journey, get your own easy to use Personal Body Booklet for Pregnancy and Beyond, by Dianne Edmonds, Physiotherapist at Peel Maternity and Family Practice. And if you need help with any of these things, come in with your booklet and she will be able to personally help you fill it in.

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Belly Dance for Birth

Belly Dancing for Birth - we teach some pelvic rocking in our Antenatal Classes, however the Australian expert in this area is Maha al Musa, and here if you'd like to know more, you can read what Maha has to say about Belly Dancing for Birth.

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Post Pregnancy

Returning to Sport Tips

Over the years as a physiotherapist working in women's health, Dianne has seen many women who went back to sport or exercise too soon after the birth of their baby, and who also did high impact or high load exercises that resulted in either pelvic floor problems, back problems or that didn't help their abdominal muscle separation to close. Here is one article from our Return to Sport selection to help you choose steps that are right for your body and postnatal fitness level.

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