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From the desk of Dianne (Physio at Peel Maternity and Family Practice/Director of The Pregnancy Centre)

Welcome to The Pregnancy Centre newsletter.

We have been busy here putting together some exercise programs for our clients at the practice, which we will be launching soon. It just reinforces the need for step by step progressions when returning to sport and exercises post natally, so if you are unsure of what your exercise pathway should look like, please Contact Us through our Website or via Peel Maternity and Family Practice.


Pre Pregnancy

Feed Your Brain

In case you missed it last newsletter or need a reminder to "Feed Your Brain" this new book with great recipes included is available in Australia now. Before, during and after pregnancy, nutrition plays a key element for you and your baby. How much have you thought about Feeding Your Brain through this important time? With stress playing a part in daily life, more deliberate attention is needed to nurture both our body and brain. Delia McCabe has researched how food influences brain function for the past 20 years. She has a Masters in Psychology and is completing her PhD focusing on nutrition and female stress. She has now written her first book - Feed Your Brain, which can help you and those surrounding you think and feel better with her "7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!".

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Your Active Exercise Program

We revisit an article on rethinking your active exercise program by Nicole Karl, who is the Senior Pilates Instructor and Pilates Manager at Melbourne Osteopathy Centre. Another alternative is also Pregnancy Yoga, if there isn't a Pregnancy based Pilates program near you - or you could also combine the two and get the added benefits.

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Sitting and Positioning Your Baby Well

There has been a lot of talk in health and fitness circles lately about "sitting being the new smoking", but with motherhood, often sitting still for very long isn't something women get to do - so now there is a health benefit to that. During pregnancy getting comfortable can be tricky, but you can also remember to use your sitting upright or leaning forwards positioning to help optimise your baby's positioning too for the birth.

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Post Pregnancy

Postnatal Wrist Pain

Carrying a baby around can be a strain on some new Mum's wrists, and there is treatment available if you find this is you during pregnancy or after the birth. Most physiotherapists can treat postnatal wrist pain, and some clients also find benefits from acupuncture too.

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