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The Pregnancy Centre is pleased to announce Fitness Australia’s first Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Guidelines. Dianne Edmonds, together with Dr Denise Furness and Lisa Westlake has worked hard to contribute to the development of this new initiative. All health and fitness professionals across Australia will now be well equipped to provide individually tailored, effective and safe exercise programs for women who wish to commence or continue exercising during and after pregnancy. The guidelines provide recommendations for pre-exercise screening and referrals; exercise programming including activity choices, phases for returning to exercise and much more.

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Dianne has moved! She is now available for consultations at Mandurah Physiotherapy if you have any concerns about your pelvic floor or abdominal muscles. For further information please visit



Pelvic Rocking

During pregnancy, pelvic rocking is useful to ease backache and to keep flexibility and movement in the back and spine. This position can also be used during labour. For further information please read our article in the Labour section of our website.

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Post Pregnancy

Core and Ball Exercises

Exercising on a ball is a lot more challenging that what you may think because it moves, so working to keep yourself and the ball steady, is a good start.  However, correct technique is important, so remember to move through the exercise levels only when you are ready. Click here for your free handout.

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