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How's your pelvic floor lifting as we approach the season of festivities and Christmas?
Is the extra pressure of carrying shopping and rushing around affecting your pelvic floor yet?
Are you taking extra rests to sit down, put your feet up and do the opposite of the rush in this silly season, to recoup and to keep your energy levels up?
Here's a few tips to remind you to care for your body this season.


Pre Pregnancy

The Challenge of Planning a Pregnancy

Are you running around doing a lot of things, but secretly really desiring to become pregnant. Sometimes you need to stop amidst all the work around you and simply let yourself relax, breathe and reconnect to your deepest desires.While the list is long here, find just one thing that you CAN do and focus on doing that ONE thing. Practice it this week, for 3, 7 or 10 days and then it can become a more engrained habit or practice which you can enjoy. This one step can help to change the focus of other things that are going on for you right now - test it out and reflect on the inner you for now.

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Calf Cramps in Pregnancy

All the rushing around to do more than normal at this time of the year, can cause overworking of your already challenged calf muscles. If you notice that you seem more prone to calf cramps at the moment, then take the time to reflect back and to stretch.

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Post Pregnancy

Have an Aching Back?

Is your back aching from carrying around a baby or a toddler and doing all the extra that you need to do right now? If so, taking some time for you to sit and read and reflect on how you can feel better, sometimes with just some simple reminders, is what you need. If this is you - grab your easy to read Whole Body Connection ebooklet.

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