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Welcome to The Pregnancy Centre newsletter
from the desk of Dianne, physio at PMFP, Director and Creator of The Pregnancy Centre, Pelvic Floor First campaign ambassador

The kids have gone back to school, and summer holidays are over here. Even having a few cooler days here in WA at the moment, so seasons changing. No doubt it will get warm again here. There's been a break between newsletters but we are back now to fortnightly, so enjoy. Have a great coming weekend.



Pregnancy Exercise Tips

There's always advice to receive in this area, and with pregnancy, the advice that you need one trimester can change in the next trimester. Keep in touch with your midwife and doctor about what you need, and if you feel your abdominal muscles are separating, or your lower abdominal wall feels heavy, then you may need to modify your current exercise program. Notice how your pelvic floor also feels when you exercise. If you are unsure about the specifics of pregnancy exercise, find out more by seeing your physiotherapist or fitness professional who works with pregnant and postnatal women.

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Preparing for Birth

Would you like some relaxation to practice in the lead up to the birth of your baby? Each day for two weeks, this course will send you a short relaxation, stretching or breathing practice to help you to prepare for the birth of your baby.  

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Post Pregnancy

Returning to Sport Postnatally

Take into account 9 months of pregnancy, and birth changes for your body. It takes time for your body to recover and for many women it is a step by step process. Do you know the steps you are planning to take? Find out more here.

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