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The excitement of the birth of a new prince has certainly captivated the world, and so with Duchess Kate in mind we have decided to look at how we can help our new mums who don’t quite have the same resources as our royals.
While this period of time is wonderful, it’s also very challenging – there are sleepless nights as you get to know your new baby, not to mention the dos and don’ts of breastfeeding, nappy changes and bath times. Add into that laundry, organising family meals and perhaps entertaining a toddler and the thought of getting back into pre-baby shape just seems overwhelming and far from a reality.
Why do we promote exercise in the early postnatals days? Studies have shown that not only does exercise help ‘move’ the extra weight put on during pregnancy, but helps women feel good emotionally too - bringing a greater sense of wellbeing. So if we can prevent a few mummy meltdown moments in your day, we think it’s worth it!
‘Baby steps’ is the best way to begin the early days of exercise. Let us show you how in our Level 1 Post Natal Exercise handout (0-3 weeks).


Pre Pregnancy

Responsibility Icebreakers before Getting Pregnant

For those couples who are thinking about starting a family or having another baby, but not quite sure whether it’s the right time to do so, we have included a new article written by Rachel Wood. In this editorial, Rachel discusses some valuable considerations that just may help you make that important decision.

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Post Pregnancy

Baby Steps

​Baby Step No. 1:  Be kind to yourself and begin exercising only when you feel you are ready. Lots of sleep and good nutrition comes first. Baby Step No. 2:  Setting yourself a timeframe to exercise is helpful but understand it’s normal for your baby to interrupt you – babies are really good at this. Start with 5 minutes of exercise time (whatever is realistic for you) and build up from there. Remember, if you manage 2 minutes of exercise a day, this is better than feeling constantly disappointed that you didn’t manage 10. Every minute is better than no minutes. Baby Step No. 3:  You may think this is such a cliché but it’s true - “Listen to your body”. Work at your own pace. Nothing should hurt.   Baby Step No. 4:  Follow our step-by-step exercise programs that have been written by Dianne, designed specifically for our new mums. The Pregnancy Centre is pleased these valuable programs have stood the test of time. The areas that Dianne helps you to focus on include abdominal muscle toning, your pelvic floor - especially pelvic floor protection.  Enjoy.

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