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こんにちは  Kon'nichiwa

I had a great inspiring conversation with experienced fitness professional Jo Cordell-Cooper from Hobart today, and we have been able to share a link to one of her stories.

There are so many aspects that affect women's bodies during and after pregnancy, many of which impact the choices of exercise and the rate at which women can get back to fitness post birth. The issue of pelvic joint pain is one aspect.

Working together with her physio colleagues Jo shared success stories of women she has trained, so it's great to have been spurred with more ideas for the theme of this newsletter "Bringing together Fitness and Physiotherapy".


from Dianne's desk:
CEC Fitness Course Creator and Women's Health Ambassador Australian Fitness Network,
Pelvic Floor First Ambassador,
Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre.


Pre Pregnancy

Helping grieve following pregnancy loss

Not all journeys into motherhood are smooth, and Meagan Schultz from her own personal journey of loss developed a course called "An Invitation to Grieve". We have a short article linking to Meagan's website if you would like to find out more.

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Pubic Symphysis story

Chatting to Jo today about pre and postnatal exercise she shared a story about a friend with pubic symphysis pain, and Jo's kindly let us share a link to that story. Thanks Jo.

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Post Pregnancy

Skilled core assessments

100 Steps to Plank is a 2 part online course for fitness professionals who work with women, of whom many will have experienced changes from pregnancy and childbirth. Last fortnight we shared a link to an article at Australian Fitness Network highlighting a few points from the course. If you missed it, you can read it here.

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