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We hope that you have had an enjoyable week.

Tuck Sleep has a lot of sleep information and shared and article about pregnancy and sleep with us for this newsletter.

For mums preparing for hospital, writer Sara Solomon gives advice in an article about What to Pack and Not to pack for a Maternity bag. Thank you Sara.

We link to an article written last year on the launch of 100 Steps to Plank: Building Ab Strength for Every Female Client, for Fitness Professionals, as after watching a show from the UK on television this week, and seeing the level of high intensity exercise shown, it's a reminder that high intensity and load isn't for every client.

We also link to a "new" form of exercise, something that I was introduced to last weekend, when renowned Group Fitness Instructor and presenter Marietta Mehanni, presented to Physio's working in Women's Health at the APA office in Perth, about Exercise for women with pelvic floor issues. mSwing is the co-creation of Marietta and Physio Mark Davis and has a whole lot of features to explore. Plus it was great to see Marietta, as she is also a PFF Ambassador and congratulate her in person for her award in April this year, in Sydney, as Filex Presenter of the Year.

from Dianne's desk:
CEC Fitness Course Creator and Women's Health Ambassador Australian Fitness Network,
Pelvic Floor First Ambassador,
Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre.



Pregnancy and Sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be underated and there is a detailed article at Tuck Sleep as a Sleep Guide for pregnancy. Visit their site to read more:

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Maternity Hospital Bag: What to Pack and What Not

This article written by Sara Solomon, writer, has some great advice for preparing a maternity bag as the birth gets closer.

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Post Pregnancy

Building ab strength for every female client

With planks still being a "go to" exercise, women who have recently, or even not so recently, had a baby, may find that this challenges their core control too much. This can in turn cause breath holding, poor patterns, pressure down on a weakened pelvic floor, and possible pressure on an unresolved abdominal muscle diastasis. Modifications to build up core strength and control internally first, help women to protect the parts of their body that are still recovering as their fitness returns post pregnancy and birth.

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Post Pregnancy

Exploring mSwing, with a smile

I felt great after a short mSwing session and have been using mSwing daily to release fascial tightness and reactivate my gluts more after tooooo much sitting for toooo many years. mSwing is suitable for women during and after pregnancy, and uses a single dumbbell to provide a fun, challenging and effective workout using natural, flowing movements that arc, sweep and flow through space. The unique variety of movements in mSwing complement every other form of exercise.

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Post Pregnancy

Our First Podcast

Inspired by mSwing, and after some practical recording tips, we've taken the step towards podcasting. One step at a time, and our first podcast is live!  Marietta's always been an inspiration to me and I am glad that seeing her in person got me moving on this!

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