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こんにちは  Kon'nichiwa

I am halfway through the book Mindfulness on the Run by Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach, Chantal Hofstee, who is also the author Reach Your Goals without Stressing Out.

.....and then a new topic popped up in my inbox, from Ali at Real Fitness For Mums. 
I had never heard of the term 'postnatal depletion', which Ali says is fairly new, but explains SO MUCH!
It looks like there is another book to add to my reading list, coming out in June by Dr Oscar Serrallach, who phrased the term 'postnatal depletion'. The link to Ali's article is below.

A guest article has also been written by Simply Lift on Gifts A Mom Should Give Herself Everyday. We could add leafy greens and nutritional upgrades as a daily gift for Moms too.

For Fitness Professionals who enjoy learning more about the pregnancy and postnatal core, there is a link to our courses available at Australian Fitness Network.

Enjoy and have an awesome fortnight.

from Dianne's desk:
CEC Fitness Course Creator and Women's Health Ambassador Australian Fitness Network,
Pelvic Floor First Ambassador,
Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre.



Antenatal Core Training for Fitness Professionals

If you train pregnant and postnatal women and love learning more, why not add some extra training to your repertoir through the courses Dianne has developed, available from Australian Fitness Network. We would always welcome feedback on any of your ideas in this area, as we also enjoy learning from the experience of others.

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Post Pregnancy

7 Steps to Combat Postnatal Depletion

Have you heard the term “Postnatal Depletion”? It’s fairly new but the condition is not. We all laugh about it and joke around about “Baby Brain”. But it is actually a serious condition that needs to be recognised! Read the Full Article by Ali from Real Fitness for Moms here.

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Post Pregnancy

Gifts A Mom Must Give Herself Everyday

3 gifts are given as ideas for Moms in this article by Simply Life. Thank you for giving us this article.

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