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こんにちは  Kon'nichiwa

Inspired by the blog post of Canadian Physical Therapist and founder of PhysioYoga Shelly Prosko, there's a new blog post with a link to Shelly's inquiring mind (her new blog) this newsletter.
Honored to have a Shout out in Shelly's newsletter yesterday too, linking to the recent article Skilled Core Assessments as a worthy read. Namaste and thank you again so much Shelly.

For Mums living a distance away from help and support in post pregnancy training, Jo Cordell-Cooper, Personal Trainer from Hobart, has new Skype sessions available for Mums, with details in the link below.

Jo has also shared an article about using Kettlebells during pregnancy with us this month. Thank you Jo.

With price hikes recently in Australia, Bessie Hassan gives some advice in her article about bouncing back from these recent health insurance price rises. Another thank you - to Bessie for this.

Enjoy and have a great fortnight.

from Dianne's desk:
CEC Fitness Course Creator and Women's Health Ambassador Australian Fitness Network,
Pelvic Floor First Ambassador,
Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre.



Kettle bells during pregnancy

While there are many factors to consider for pregnancy exercise, experienced Personal Trainer, Jo Cordell-Cooper from Hobart, gives some advice here on using kettle bells for training during pregnancy.

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Post Pregnancy

Skype with Jo, Personal Trainer about Postnatal training

Jo Cordell-Cooper from Active Solutions, is a Personal Trainer based in Hobart who shared many words of wisdom recently with me during a long phone chat about postnatal training. Jo is now offering Skype sessions to mums, so to find out more click the link below.

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Post Pregnancy

Skilled core assessment for postnatal trainers

Fitness professionals working with postnatal mums often work in conjunction with Women's, Mens and Pelvic Health physiotherapists, and physio's working in women's health, referring clients needing further more detailed assessment, so that they can enjoy their training and return to fitness journey. It is also great as a physio to have skilled Personal Trainers to work with and refer clients to, so that the level of training that they are given can match their level of core and pelvic floor fitness. This article on Skilled Core Assessment gives some tips for trainers working with postnatal mums, particularly those who haven't fully retrained their core following pregnancy and childbirth. 

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Post Pregnancy

How mums can bounce back from recent health insurance price rises

With recent health insurance price rises, Bessie Hassan from has written this article with tips for mums and families.

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