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Here we are writing the last newsletter for 2011! The Pregnancy Centre has had a very exciting year with the launch of its new website in April and the arrival of the 4th edition of As Your Shape Changes which is now available. You can download our Order Form for the booklet from our website on our Products page. In this month’s newsletter you will find some new articles we have added to our website complemented by very informative videos put together by Michelle Kenway. Michelle is a renowned Australian Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and is highly qualified in the field of exercise and women’s health. The Pregnancy Centre would like to thank Michelle for letting us use these very helpful and valuable resources. We take this opportunity to wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas and we will return with our next newsletter in February 2012.


Pre Pregnancy

A F.E.W things to check

Looking after your pelvic floor muscles is important throughout pregnancy and beyond. Therefore we know it’s best to beat the clock and have this key muscle group in perfect working order before that special time arrives in our lives. This month we have added an article in our pre-pregnancy section which discusses some simple principles to keep in mind........and we do have a F.E.W.! For more information, take a look at our Pre-pregnancy Checklist.

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Listeria and Food Safety during Pregnancy

Listeria is a bacteria found in a range of foods, which can cause a food borne infection. While this can cause some mothers to feel unwell, it presents a serious risk to the baby. This month, our Dietitian Carole Rainsford has put together an information sheet with facts that you need to know about Listeria. She discusses what causes it, the types of foods to avoid together with some excellent food preparation ideas. We hope you enjoy our new Pregnancy article, Listeria and Food Safety during Pregnancy. For more general information about your weight during and after pregnancy, you may also be interested in reading the nutrition section in our booklet, As Your Shape Changes.

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Positions for Labour

Getting ready for labour is like getting ready to run a marathon, therefore good preparation is the key. Practising positions for labour gives you the chance to feel how easily your body can get into a position, how you can settle into a position and experiment with ways to make yourself more comfortable. To read more, have a look at our new article for this month, Positions for Labour.

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Post Pregnancy

Seated cycling first

The Pelvic Floor First campaign, run by the Continence Foundation of Australia, identified a number of exercises which are considered at ‘higher risk’ of causing pelvic floor problems. One of these is cycling with high resistance or when your bottom is lifted off the seat, which is usually when you are putting more effort in. Simple maths says: High risk exercise + High risk time i.e., in the first few months after having a baby = HIGH risk of developing pelvic floor problems. Find out more in our new Return to Sport article.

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