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This edition has new articles featured on exercise and fertility, and DIY Massage tips for Mums to be from guest writers.

We also highlight some of the remarkable achievements of Kylianne Farrell from the Movement Room who is doing incredible things for mental health through movement.

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from Dianne's desk:
CEC Fitness Course Creator and Women's Health Ambassador Australian Fitness Network,
Pelvic Floor First Ambassador,
Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre.


Pre Pregnancy

Can Exercise Affect Your Menstrual Cycle and Fertility?

With so many factors affecting fertility, exercise is one that can have many variables to play with. Stella Hawar covers some aspects in this article. She is the content manager at which helps women understand their menstrual cycle by providing useful calendars and resources.

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6 Home DIY Massage Tips for Moms To Be

Dr Clarence Ho from Adaptive Myotherapy in Melbourne gives tips to help mums to be with massage during pregnancy. He gives tips to help with massage from the face to the feet in this article.

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Post Pregnancy

Are planks for everyone?

To quote Marietta Mehanni, renowned fitness professional and Pelvic Floor First Ambassador, in her article on Modifying the Plank, at the Pelvic Floor First website: "Often participants will not realise that they are expected to modify exercises to suit their individual needs."  The plank as an exercise requires control and strength through the shoulders and upper back as well as the core. Clients first need to build up to this following the changes of pregnancy and birth. Modifying the plank for postnatal clients takes into consideration their pelvic floor fitness, their pelvis and back and their abdominal wall. Clients will progress in length of hold time and number of reps, with other factors to consider including their breathing. These aspects and building step by step strength in your clients is what the 100 Steps to Plank: Building Abdominal Strength for Every Female Client training course offers. This online 2 part course for Fitness Professionals is available from Australian Fitness Network.

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Post Pregnancy

Can one person make a difference?

Kylianne Farrell is a passionate woman on a mission through her We Move for Mental Health tribe, helping women through movement deal with the challenges of motherhood on their mental health. Last year Kylianne ran a Cape to Cape Hike fundraiser in the south west of Western Australia. Eleven women hiked the 135kms to raise awareness for the power of movement in the battle against mental illness, they came for a cause and left transformed. Through this movement led by Kylianne, just under $35 000 was raised for the Gidget Foundation, and Kylianne is now a Gidget Foundation Ambassador. So successful was this first hike that she is running more in 2018, two Cape to Cape Gidget Foundation Fundraisers and international adventure in Borneo.

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