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This week at The Pregnancy Centre we shall be discussing nursery equipment. We are very much focussed on keeping you up to date with information that is now available to new parents, especially from a physiotherapy point of view. What may look attractive for your baby or babies, may not be so good for the parents, particularly when it comes to protecting your knees, hips and back. Dianne also discusses baby walkers and how they may affect the physical development of your baby. Further information is also available from CHOICE, and we have been able to link to their webpage in our article.



Nursery Equipment

With a baby on the way, it’s a very exciting time to go shopping. Looking after a baby is a huge responsibility and parents want to know they have thought about all the information available to them before purchasing nursery items. Safety is a major factor whenever you make a purchase for your baby and we would like to encourage you to also consider the safety aspect for the parents too. We have put together some considerations you may find useful prior to your spending spree! We hope you enjoy reading Nursery Equipment in our Pregnancy section.

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Post Pregnancy

Relaxation Tip

After a busy day at work or just running around after kids, kick off your shoes and roll the soles of your feet on a ball – a golf ball is perfect but if you prefer something softer, a tennis ball is a good option. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how rejuvenating this feels. To find out more read our article on the benefits of relaxation.  

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