Australian Fitness Professionals Individuals Level 2

Australian Fitness Professionals Individuals Level 2

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Level 2 listing in The Pregnancy Centre Directory is for Fitness Professionals currently Registered within Australia or New Zealand who have undergone training in the area of pregnancy and postnatal fitness.

Level 2 listing implies meeting the criteria for a Level 1 listing, having completed an accredited Pregnancy Fitness Course of minimum one day or equivalent PLUS completion of the four Pregnancy and Postnatal Core Conditioning Fitness Units housed at Australian Fitness Network Online.

For enquiries regarding this CONTACT US.

For your listing please forward the following information (form with contact details downloadable to computer when your order is processed).
Details of your fitness training including Course Name and Dates of completion
Dates of completion with certificate numbers for the following 4 courses:
1. Antenatal Core Training
2. 3rd Trimester Training for Labour
3. Early Post Natal Programming
4. Advanced Post Natal Programming

Fitness Registration details,
Business email contact,
Phone contact,
Website address or Facebook URL,
Short description about your practice or service,
Logo in IMAGE format only accepted (eg jpg).