Back in Action DVD

Back in Action DVD

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Back in Action DVD - suitable for Pre and Post Pregnancy Fitness

By Lisa Westlake

This DVD has been designed by Lisa Westlake, who had combined physiotherapist and fitness leadership experience to develop this innovative back exercise video using the fitball.

Discover the four key elements to back health.

Choose from three levels of effective therapy ball regimes to improve the function of your spine and the quality of every day.

Fitball brings a new dimension to back strengthening, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Ideal for improving four vital aspects of back health; mobility, core stability, strength and flexibility.

Whether complimenting other professional back therapy or simply intending to get your healthy back in great condition, Back in Action is an excellent tool as a part of your Pre Pregnancy Fitness Program. A sensational program for everybody - join with your partner or other family members as you build your inside strength together.