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From the desk of Dianne

to The Pregnancy Centre newsletter. If you are joining us from Peel Maternity and Family Practice, Dianne is the physio who works there.

Sit tall. Shoulders open. A slow deep breath. How often do you do this? Today we've a new article to remind us of the benefits of getting outdoors on our health and often the deep breaths come more naturally when we get outside. Lisa Marshall from gives us 5 tips for improving mental health during pregnancy.

Another guest article deals with the aspects of pregnancy weight gain, and ways to reduce the anxiety that can be experienced with pregnancy changes. We thank Vaileria Dennis for writing this for us.

Enjoy your day tomorrow and take a deep breath or two or more for your well being, in the great outdoors.



Five Tips for Improving Your Mental Health During Your Pregnancy

Written by Lisa Marshall from this article brings tips and benefits from the great outdoors to help your well being during pregnancy. Personally, a number of these tips are equally inspiring for well being at other stages of motherhood, with some awesome photos featured in some of the links within the article.

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Ways for Dealing with Pregnancy Weight Gain

A new article to our website, written by Vaileria Dennis, looks at ways to adjust to the weight gain which is a natural experience of pregnancy. As a Health and Beauty expert with 10 years of experience in the Beauty industry, Vaileria enjoys providing healthy living tips. Click below to read this new article.

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Post Pregnancy

Postnatal Ball Exercises

We often link to our exercise progressions, but if you haven't checked out the early postnatal ball workout, take a look for ideas here.

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