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The Pregnancy Centre has been quietly busy over the past few months putting together a series of e-booklets written by Dianne Edmonds, Physiotherapist called The Whole Body Connection. This new series of e-booklets has been specially put together to complement our wonderful little booklet As Your Shape Changes, which we republished in its fourth edition last year.

Today we are pleased to announce that the first two e-booklets in this series are ready for sale and can be downloaded from our Products page. We are sure these e-booklets will not only inspire new mums and mums-to-be, but will be appreciated as a wonderful resource for all fitness professionals.

A portion of the proceeds of these e-booklets will be donated to Fit for Good, the fitness industry’s charitable foundation. Fit for Good works to enhance the lives of Australians in need by providing health and fitness opportunities.



The Whole Body Connection

The valuable exercises and practices shown in these e-booklets will ensure you get the best results so that your body, in particular your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, will recover better once your baby is born.  E-booklet 1 is titled The Pregnancy and Postnatal Pelvic Floor Connection. It is an easy-to-read e-booklet designed to teach and get you back on track so that your pelvic floor and all of your core is the best it can be while carrying your baby or babies. Dianne uses a Find, Feel and Focus approach to teach these important steps as well as providing many other valuable practices gained from her first-hand experience in working with women.E-booklet 2, Connect and Protect your Changing Back is another easy-to-read e-booklet which explains how and why your back may be affected so much during pregnancy. Dianne explains throughout her booklet the ways in which you can protect your back and pelvis by correctly working your abdominals and pelvic floor during and after pregnancy. By using some simple step by step guidelines, you may be able to avoid severe back or pelvic joint pain that many women suffer from because of their pregnancies.

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