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Waiting for a baby to arrive is exciting. It is also a test of patience and endurance for some, especially if the baby comes after their due date and the counting down becomes counting up to the days past the EDD ie the expected date of delivery.

This has also been the case with our latest podcast, which was recorded with Simone Kay, who was instrumental in all of the pregnancy and postnatal exercise program images we have. Simone and I had a great conversation, but the due date for delivery has past gone and the edited podcast is still not here.

Why? Well as ‘my baby’ son, is now in Year 11 and is the podcast editor, however, he has undertaken studying seriously in the first few weeks of term and can’t yet do my editing for me. Dilemma, another ‘motherhood’ dilemma…… waiting is all I can really do. Thankfully Simone is very understanding and our discussion about things postnatal through to Spartan and running will have to wait a little longer before it’s released.

In the meantime, as the days leading up to due date are full of expectancy, we’ve decided to ‘deliver’ something else for new mums to be. Not all mums attend antenatal education classes and some don’t receive the simple training and information about stretching to prepare for birth positioning, and how breathing out is a tool for coping with the contractions. So we’ve made the class we have on line, available free at this point for mums to access. It’s like an app when downloaded and the video and audio recordings can be used to prepare for labour and the birth.

Going past the expected date of delivery all those years ago, it's good to know that the birth dates ended up right for each of my children. All the best if you are waiting! We hope that adding in a few relaxation, breathing and stretching tips using the class app can help.


Creator of The Pregnancy Centre and the Running to the Core Podcast

Physiotherapist Peel Maternity and Family Practice, Mandurah W.A.

Pelvic Floor First Ambassador

Course Creator - 100 Steps to Plank, Antenatal Core Training, Third Trimester Training, Early Postnatal Programming and Advance Postnatal Core Programming and Return to Running Courses
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Pregnancy online relaxation class

Here's the link to our class for those pregnant mums waiting and preparing for labour and the birth. Enjoy.

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Pregnancy Exercises

Some of the stretches demonstrated by one of Simone's pregnant clients are available here.

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Post Pregnancy

Postnatal Core Exercise progressions

Starting with postnatal core, is different to normal core training as the abdominal muscles have been lengthened and stretched over the growing uterus during pregnancy. Time taken to work on the deep core layers and to strengthen and protect the pelvic floor during training will pay off later when getting back to training and pre pregnancy fitness programs. There are a range of options demonstrated by Simone and a postnatal client in these programs.

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