Postnatal Exercises

Working with your fitness instructor, physiotherapist, midwife or at home by yourself, this series of Post Natal Exercises will build up your core foundations, step by step.

Progress from one part of the program to the next as you are ready.

The age ranges serve as a guide only.

When you start the program, build up from the beginning, and work through at your own pace, as your body builds its core and inner strength.

Getting started

Level 1 : 0 - 3 weeks

Level 2 : 3 - 8 weeks

Level 3 : 6 - 12 weeks

Postnatal Core and Ball Exercises : Level 1 - 3



For connecting your core to caring for your back use our ebooklets:

ThinkBackConnect-Border-copy-(1).jpg  CaringBack-Border.jpg

Postnatal Back Stretches

Advancing further

Level 4 : 8 - 16 weeks

Postnatal Core and Ball Exercises : Level 4

Level 5 : 16 - 24 weeks

Special Considerations for the Pelvic Floor

There are times when extra attention is needed for the pelvic floor, so we have designed some handout using our insights in this area.

Protecting your Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy and Beyond

When you can't feel your Pelvic Floor.

Some of our Postnatal Pelvic Floor Products.



Photos and models by Fitness, Form and Function and Stuart Frost Photography 

For more information about the pelvic floor read The Pelvic Floor Muscles and What are the Pelvic Floor Muscles and what do they do?