• I‘m a 29 year old woman with two young children living in a remote community in the Kimberley region. Before having children I was fairly fit and enjoyed short distance running. I have since been reluctant to start jogging again as I wasn’t sure if my pelvic floor was strong enough and I rarely remembered to make time to do what I believed to be fairly boring pelvic floor exercises. Thanks to Dianne and the information outlined in ‘The Pregnancy Centre’ website I have now been able to incorporate a variety of exercises and stretches into a weekly exercise routine that specifically target strengthening my pelvic floor muscles.  Now I find it more enjoyable and worthwhile to make time for pelvic floor exercises as I realise the importance in having a strong pelvic floor and how this improves whole body fitness. Eventually I will be able to build up to a short distance running program with confidence.

    Mrs B, Postnatal mother of two - 05 Feb 2013

  • Since 1996 I have had the honor of working with the team at the Continence Foundation of Australia, most recently on the Pelvic Floor First campaign as the Special Project Manager from January 2010 until June 2011. I am now a Pelvic Floor First Ambassador, together with the other Ambassadors who work in women's health and fitness.
    The team is dedicated to "lift to new heights" the health of the nation, and I have learned and continue to learn and become inspired, by being involved in the team of such dedicated people. Enjoy the Pelvic Floor First Campaign and visit www.pelvicfloorfirst.org.au to see the great work and talent of the team that has come together, and the evidence of what can happen when health and fitness professionals come together for a great cause.

    Dianne Edmonds, Pelvic Floor First Ambassador - 05 Feb 2013

  • Dianne has made a significant contribution to the Boddington Family Support Group. Families in Boddington have benefited from her expertise in women's health matters over a number of years. We have been very appreciative of the professional care she has provided. 

    Ros Thomson, President Boddington Family Support Group - 05 Jun 2011

  • Being the Chair of Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapy from the end of 2001 until early 2007 (6 years) I was able to meet and learn from amongst the best physiotherapists in Australia, in the area of women's health, many of whom have led the way pioneering this area for Australia. I want to take this moment to thank them all, for every area of development that has happened over the last 20 years, and for everything that you have taught me, and will continue to teach me about pregnancy and postnatal health and exercise.

    Dianne Edmonds, Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre - 12 Apr 2011

  • I want to say thanks to Lynne Miller, the lady who 11 years ago, designed the 'old' The Pregnancy Centre website, and supported it for 9 years. Many miles away, by email and telephone, although we never met in person, we worked together to have a website that was able to support many women and health and fitness professionals through the information and resources it made available until now. Thanks Lynne

    Dianne Edmonds, Director and Founder of The Pregnancy Centre - 12 Apr 2011