Nest Medical Women's and Children's Health, Mandurah WA

Dianne Edmonds, Physiotherapist, sees women before, during and after pregnancy for fitness and physiotherapy programs at Nest Medical - Women's and Children's Health, formally known as Peel Maternity and Family Practice. Returning to sport and exercise including running after the birth needs time and close direction to protect the pelvic floor and ensure good return of abdominal muscle control after the birth. Programs include safe pregnancy and postnatal abdominal toning exercises, pelvic floor programs and physiotherapy treatment for back pain, pelvic joint pain, painful sexual intercourse, pelvic floor problems or weakness/separation of the abdominal muscles. Dianne works with the midwives at the practice to provide Preparation for Birth Classes and Pregnancy Essentials Classes. TENS for labour is also available by appointment.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Core Fitness Training Courses

Pregnancy and Postnatal Core Conditioning Courses are available at Australian Fitness Network for Fitness Professionals looking for training CEC's/REPs in this area.

Perfect Mama Tens Maternity Device

TENS Therapy offers a drug-free alternative to pain relief and has an excellent reputation as an effective form of modern pain control. The Perfect MamaTENS Maternity TENS Device is specifically designed to help counter labour pain. It has pre-set programs which have a specific frequency and pulse width to help relieve pain through each stage of labour. It also features a boost button which allows mums-to-be to rapidly increase the intensity to provide additional pain relief during contractions and uses large pads to ensure that all the relevant nerves are covered to give the most effective pain relief. The device can be used at home when the labour starts and taken into the hospital, allowing the mother to be mobile and in control of her own pain relief from the first contraction through to delivery. Contact: Jody Ezard TensCare Product Manager Phone: 0396465488 Mobile: 0418866902

Body Logic Physiotherapy Shenton Park WA

Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapists who work at Body Logic have postgraduate training and extensive experience in the area. Overseen by Specialist Physiotherapist Dr Judith Thompson, whos research using real time ultrasound demonstrated that between 30-40% of women with incontinence perform pelvic floor exercises incorrectly and this could actually be making their symptoms worse. It is important to learn the correct pelvic floor muscle exercise technique - which can be checked by seeing a Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapist during and after your pregnancy.

Body Logic Physiotherapy Claremont WA

Body Logic Physiotherapy provides Women's Health services at Bethseda Hospital for a range of women's health and pelvic floor conditions.