Simone Kay - Train for Life Cairns QLD

Simone Kay was instrumental in helping The Pregnancy Centre to develop our Pregnancy and Postnatal handouts, workouts which strengthen and retrain the core and pelvic floor. Provided by Fitness, Form and Function are Personal Training services for pregnant and postnatal women. A group fitness program designed by Simone - Mumbalates is for post natal mums to get active again in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment as they become comfortable with life with a new bub. Mumbalates ensures that new mums feel strong and an empowered when moving with baby.

After working for years in musculoskeletal physiotherapy private practice clinics in Canada and Australia, as well as teaching pilates, Lori has found her passion in helping women with issues involving their pelvis, it’s contents, their pelvic floor and how the rest of the body is connected. Along with running after 2 small, beautiful kids of her own, Lori sits on the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Continence and Women’s Health committee, educates the community on pelvic health, and networks with the amazing women’s health physios all around Australia and internationally.

Lara Jezeph, Pre and Postnatal Trainer, SA

Lara Jezeph is a Pre and Postnatal Trainer at Virtual PT based in South Australia. Her mission is to give mums the support and care that they need pre and post partum to function at their best. Lara offers Saturday Circuits, Small Group Classes Online Coaching, and Pre and Post PT.

Hahndorf & District Physiotherapy Service SA

Founded by Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapist Annette Innes in 1989, Hahndorf & District Physiotherapy Service is a centre of physiotherapy excellence based in the historic village of Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. For Pregnant and Postnatal women, there are WATER and LAND based CLASSES for your physical well being, fitness, prevention and management of back pain, and strengthening the core stability muscles. INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS are offered for back pain, pelvic joint instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, breast mastitis, perineal discomfort and pelvic floor assessments.

Aspire Physiotherapy, Glenelg South Australia

Centrally located in beautiful Glenelg, our physiotherapists are passionate about sharing their skills, knowledge and experience so you have the best possible experience through your pregnancy and the post-natal period. Common conditions we treat include: - Low back and pelvis pain - Headaches - Incontinence and light leakage - Abdominal separation - Carpal tunnel syndrome - Wrist and shoulder pain. We really focus on teaching you about your own body, so you can successfully beat your pain or concern and avoid it in the future. Where needed, we can provide you with the right choice of braces, belts and compression garments to support your body. We also offer mums & bubs pilates classes, and regular free info sessions for new mums to safely return to fitness after pregnancy. Check our website for more information on upcoming sessions. Address: Aspire Physiotherapy SA 18 Partridge St Glenelg SA 5045 Facebook: