Connect and Protect Your Changing Back

Connect and Protect Your Changing Back

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Connect and Protect Your Changing Back - Ebooklet 2

Back Care for Women during Pregnancy

by Dianne Edmonds

This easy-to-read e-booklet will help you to understand how and why your back can be affected during pregnancy. You will learn how to protect your back and pelvis by correctly working your abdominals and pelvic floor during and after pregnancy.

Learn and use some simple step by step guidelines, to help you look after your back and lessen the chance of developing back pain that needs treatment during your pregnancy.

This valuable resource is ready and available for you to download.

For instructors and caregivers, this ebooklet will give you insights gained by Dianne from many years of working with women as a physiotherapist, during and after pregnancy.

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Total pages 32 A5 format, download in PDF.