The Whole Body Connection Complete Program

The Whole Body Connection Complete Program

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The Whole Body Connection Complete Program - 4 Ebooklet series.

by Dianne Edmonds

Caring for your baby means caring for yourself during pregnancy, and when you hold, carry and lift your baby when they are born. Every day you will do things that can cause your back to feel strained and here we give you ways to look after yourself, while you look after your baby.

With our complete Whole Body Back Care 3 part program, you will be able to look after your back during pregnancy, when your baby is newborn, and also as your baby grows in the coming years.
Your pelvic floor is also an important part of the core, and you will find out more about how to really connect to and care for your pelvic floor as your baby grows during and after pregnancy with our Pregnancy and Postnatal Pelvic Floor ebooklet.

Connect to the best for you and your baby - during your pregnancy and be ready and equipped for when your baby is born.

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