Flexing Your Relationship Muscles During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tough — on your body and on your relationship. When that baby arrives, you'll want the full support of your partner. So take the time during your pregnancy to maintain and strengthen your relationship. Communicate, take care of each other and don't forget to take time out for some romance.


Pregnancy is a time of change and lots of unknowns and unexpected events. It can be a challenging time for couples as you learn to deal with new things in your relationship that have never happened before. It is crucial to remain open and have strong communication to ensure you both know how each other is feeling. It is a good idea to discuss your plans for when the baby has arrived and how you both want to raise your child. Irina Firstein, a relationship and marriage therapist, discusses the importance of good communication and understanding between couples. She recommends dealing with each other’s ‘issues’, and feels this is best done before a baby is conceived.

Keep the Flames Burning

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean the romance should stop! Heidi Murkoff, author of the "What to Expect" series, suggests maintaining a regular date night once a week – and recommends continuing it after the baby has arrived. A scheduled night of love and romance will ensure you don’t forget to spend time with one another and you shift the focus away from the child and back onto you as a couple.

Mix It Up

Don’t spend all of your spare time shopping for the new baby and deciding on paint colours for the nursery – after spending an afternoon looking for changing tables, why not go for dinner or to the movies? Be sure to spend time doing things as a couple that you enjoyed before you were pregnant. Talk about more than just the baby.

Stay Intimate

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you and your partner need to stop having sex. Many first-time moms are nervous about harming the baby during intercourse, but that doesn't mean sex is off-limits! Talk to your GP about limitations and use comfortable positions. Make the effort to maintain a healthy sex life and your intimacy as a couple. Author Ed Young, who has counselled hundreds of couples, writes in his book "Sexperiment" that what happens in the bedroom can and will affect what happens outside of the bedroom.

Take a Holiday

Once the baby arrives it will be a lot harder to get away and take a holiday. So make the most of your final months as a two-some and take a romantic trip away. Pamper yourselves and relax – just check with your doctor before you fly to make sure you are safe to do so.

Ask For Help

If you feel you are struggling to manage pregnancy and your relationship with your partner, don’t be scared to ask for help. Talk to friends or family who have been through it. Alternatively, there are many counsellors and psychologists who specialise in marriage and relationships who can help you work through your problems and find solutions. Don't be afraid to ask your GP for a referral.

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