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The Pregnancy Centre was born in and has been online since 1999, developed by the Director and Founder, Dianne Edmonds from Australia.

Dianne Edmonds is a Fitness and Antenatal Educator, and a Physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience of working with pregnant and postnatal women.

In September 2015 her Pregnancy and Postnatal Education Courses for Fitness Professionals were launched by Australian Fitness Network online.

Dianne was the Lead Physiotherapist and Special Project Officer for the Pelvic Floor First campaign developed and run by The Continence Foundation of Australia and continues to be a Pelvic Floor First Ambassador. She collaborated with leading Physiotherapists and Fitness Professionals to compile the two Pelvic Floor First campaign online courses for Fitness Professionals  "Positive Practice for the Pelvic Floor", and "Proactive Programming for the Pelvic Floor".  In the role of Special Project Officer she worked to ensure that the campaign resources available were inline with the latest evidence from pelvic floor research, and these are available at: www.pelvicfloorfirst.org.au.

Dianne was a member of the Expert Reference Group involved in the development of Fitness Australia's Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Guidelines published in September 2013. These are available at on the Fitness Australia website.

In 2014 The Pregnancy Centre collaborated with The Continence Foundation of Australia to produce the free resource nationally available - The Pregnancy Guide.

She was a contributor and Expert Reviewer for the article Pre and Postnatal Training published in Fitness Australia's Autumn 2015 e journal.

More recently in August 2016 Dianne became a Women's (Pre & Post-Natal) Trainer and Fitness U Ambassador.

In 2003 she wrote her first booklet for women called "As Your Shape Changes", and has self published "The Whole Body Connection ebooklet series", each available at The Pregnancy Centre.


Dianne has contributed a number of articles to leading pregnancy and postnatal websites including:

Bump Moves: Pelvic Floor Muscles After the Birth

Bump Moves: Abdominal Muscles After the Birth

Pelvic Floor First: Exercise Modifications During Pregnancy



The Focus of The Pregnancy Centre is to help you to understand more about safe and effective exercises for before, during and after pregnancy with a particular interest on protecting the pelvic floor. We connect you to products that we recommend,which are also in line with the Pelvic Floor First campaign principles,  some developed by us and others developed by experts in the area of pregnancy, postnatal and pelvic floor fitness.

We help you achieve Pelvic Floor and Core Mastery, through focusing, feeling and understanding your body and how the internal muscles of the core, including the pelvic floor, improve your core control, impact on your levels of intimacy and give you inside strength.

What we do
We help you to learn how to correctly "activate your deep abdominal muscles" during the different stages of pregnancy, to "turn on your pelvic floor", or to tune it up, choose safe fitness program levels for you both during and after pregnancy and assist you with looking after your back and pelvic joints during the transition from pregnancy and birth to motherhood.

As a mother of two Dianne also understands some of the motherhood juggles and the challenge of balancing work and home life. You can read more about her experiences in her Motherhood Blog.

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Where are We?

Dianne is currently working as a Physiotherapist at Peel Maternity and Family Practice in Mandurah, Western Australia.