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If you are like most of our readers, you are a passionate and high achieving fitness leader, committed to making a difference in your tribe or community and seeing your clients get results. You know that overcoming obstacles is something you excel at helping your clients with. But you also know there are some that are more challenging for women to talk about and adjust to as they are pregnant, move into being postnatal and have growing children.

You are also looking for growth in your business, and really servicing the unique needs of women reaching out to you for training and fitness coaching.

We want to help you and offer ways to bring training tools to you, developed by Dianne Edmonds, Founder and Director of The Pregnancy Centre, over many years of working with women both as a physiotherapist one to one and in group training programs.

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Dianne Edmonds is an Australian physiotherapist with a passion for the development of national standards for pregnant and postnatal women’s health and fitness .


Through her business The Pregnancy Centre, Dianne provides women and health and fitness professionals with resources on improving pelvic floor awareness during pregnancy and on returning to sport and exercise safely after birth. Her resources include the creation of online courses in pregnancy, postnatal, and women’s core fitness for fitness professionals, and for the Australian Fitness Network .


She worked with The Continence Foundation of Australia to design the Pregnancy Pelvic Floor App and The Pregnancy Guide, distributed and available free from the CFA. She was the Project Officer for The Pelvic Floor First campaign and collaborated with, some of Australia’s leading women’s health physiotherapists and fitness professionals to develop resources for pregnant and postnatal women related to exercise levels, safety, and risk reduction, of common problems such as stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.


Dianne has been an Ambassador for the Pelvic Floor First campaign, since 2011. She is also a Women’s Health Ambassador for the Australian Fitness Network.


She lives in Mandurah, Western Australia, and works at an Obstetric GP practice seeing clients.



Pregnancy, Postnatal and Core Conditioning CEC Courses for Fitness Professionals

Available at Australian Fitness Network



Antenatal Core Training


Third Trimester Training for Labour


Early Postnatal Programming


Advanced Postnatal Programming



100 Steps to Plank: Building Abdominal Strength for Every Female Client: Part 1

100 Steps to Plank: Building Abdominal Strength for Every Female Client: Part 2


National Pre and Postnatal Exercise Guidelines for Fitness Professionals


Dianne was a member of the Expert Reference Group involved in the development of Fitness Australia's Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Guidelines published in September 2013.

These are available at on the Fitness Australia Website.



These resources are available for you to use with your clients.

The Continence Foundation of Australia’s free resources:

The Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy and Exercise Factsheet

Returning to sport or exercise after the birth


Articles  - For More Information


Australian Fitness Network

Building ab strength for every female client

Skilled core assessments for female clients

Fitness Australia

Contributor and Expert Reviewer for the article Pre and Postnatal Training published in Fitness Australia's Autumn 2015 e journal.

Pelvic Floor First

Exercise modifications during pregnancy

Pelvic Floor safe postnatal exercise: A case study

Using babies as weights while exercising


Bump Moves

Pelvic Floor Muscles After the Birth

Abdominal Muscles After the Birth 



As Your Shape Changes, first published in 2003.

The Pregnancy Centre was developed and has been online since 1999, developed by the Director and Founder, Dianne Edmonds from Australia.