Taking all the return to sport principles into account, one mum shares her story about returning to fitness in a big way for her, much more easily after the birth of her third child. She then discovered the feeling of success in completing her first triathlon and has gone on to ongoingly enjoy fitness in a new way.

Are you keen to get back into exercise now or after you have had your baby? While you might be raring to go, think about what type of adjustments that you might need to make as you get back to sport or exercise after the birth.

How does returning to sport or exercise too soon after the birth affect my pelvic floor muscles? Have you heard of the "Boat Theory"? This is one way to help you think about the role of the pelvic floor muscles in supporting your pelvic organs.  

After the birth of your baby, no matter how fit or toned you are, it takes a MINIMUM of 8 weeks before your stomach muscles are toned enough to support your lower back and pelvis. This means that if you go back too soon to running, sport or higher impact exercise then there is a lot more movement in your lower back than there should be. There is no way that your abdominal muscles can go from being really s...