It is important to remember that no matter how fit you are on the outside, your pelvic floor and back need protecting as you get back into shape after pregnancy and birth. By going back to sport or exercise before these areas have recovered back to normal, you may cause problems to develop either now or later in life. These could include a prolapse, leakage of urine or back pain.  

When starting cycling after the birth you may be keen to 'just get going' but consider this - why should you sit before you stand?

In recent times, cycling has moved from just a leisure activity to a serious sporting activity engaged in by both professionals and amateurs. In case you are a first timer preparing for a cycling race, it is not enough to go to buy a top of the line bike off Backcountry and just start riding. There are things you need to know to maximize your cycling experience. We’ll give you a few tips.

When exercising after pregnancy and birth, low impact choices include walking first, before you start to jog or run.

Sam Kirker is a personal trainer who runs Iron Sistas Personal Training in Newman, northern Western Australia. A fitness professional for over a decade, she specialises in strength training for women, and has a keen interest in pregnancy and postnatal training.  Sam outlines in a podcast key points to consider to prepare for returning to boxing postnatally, with some introductory tips included here.