Some Important Facts You Should Know Before You Embark On A Cycling Race

In recent times, cycling has moved from just a leisure activity to a serious sporting activity engaged in by both professionals and amateurs. In case you are a first timer preparing for a cycling race, it is not enough to go to buy a top of the line bike off Backcountry and just start riding. There are things you need to know to maximize your cycling experience. We’ll give you a few tips.

Before The Race

  1. Ensure that you have breakfast three hours ahead of the race. Eating too soon to the start of the race would give you cramps when you start cycling. Do not eat food that you are unfamiliar with. Stick with regular breakfast items such as cereals, toast or/and juice.
  2. Make sure you are well hydrated by taking between 500 to 1,000 ml of fluid. It’s best if you drink about 500 ml at breakfast time, and another 500 ml at the warm up for the race. It is also advisable that instead of just plain water, you take an electrolyte drink which increases the absorption and retention of fluid. This would help you avoid too many bathroom breaks during the race.
  3. Having a little healthy snack prior to breakfast would help to reduce the quantity of food you’ll eat at breakfast. This would cut down the risk of stomach problems.


During The Race

  1. If the race is shorter than 90 minutes, your focus should be on hydration and adequate intake of electrolytes. If you took caffeinated drinks during your training, ensure you take it just before the race so that its effect would kick in and sustain you for the duration of the race.
  2. If the race is longer than 90 minutes, you also need to focus on hydration, but in addition you’ll need an adequate intake of carbohydrates. Pack enough nutrition for the long haul, and if you want to take caffeine, do so towards the end of the race to increase mental stimulation.


After The Race

  1. It is vital for you to replenish the body with protein, carbohydrates, and electrolytes between 30 to 60 minutes after the exercise.
  2. Your meal should be a full carbohydrate based with protein and plenty of vegetables, and should be taken within one hour after the race.
  3. Prepare your meal and other nourishment for after the race beforehand. This would ensure that you don’t miss the timing for your replenishment.
  4. Taking a protein based meal or drink before you go to sleep would go a long way to help your muscles recover.

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