Managing Expectations of Motherhood

Motherhood is a challenging and changing time, as our life and our roles expand and grow, entering into the new journey of motherhood. We are pleased to offer you some links to an expert in this arena, Dr Melanie Strang, who is passionate about helping parents and preparing them for the parenthood. Dr Strang has given us some key tips in the handout below on Managing the Expectations of motherhood, with much more information available on her website and in the courses that she runs.

Biography of Dr Melanie Strang
Melanie is a medical doctor who completed her medical degree at the University of NSW in Sydney. She has always had an interest in mental health and after completing her internship, worked in acute psychiatry and community psychiatry. She then developed an interest in public health and spent some time working for the Health Department looking after the public health response to Meningococcal disease.

Since becoming a mum to Abigail (aged 7) and Zachary (aged 4) she has become passionate about helping mums and dads prepare for parenthood on an emotional and psychological level. Her telephone counselling experience at the Post and Antenatal Depression Association (PANDA) gives her great insight at a grass roots level, to the emotional issues that new parents are dealing with.

Melanie currently runs an education program ( in Australia which helps prepare parents for what is to come- she helps normalise a many of their feelings around parenthood. She covers issues such as understanding the transition to parenthood, coping with losses related to parenthood, dealing with mother guilt, managing expectations versus the reality of parenthood, being assertive as a new mum or dad, creating awareness around how family relationships change when baby arrives and managing and optimizing psychological health including postnatal depression.
The program can be delivered via a workshop, as 12 interactive emails or in a private consultation.
Melanie is a counsellor for new and expectant parents.

'Expectation for Motherhood' - Resource PDF (click here)

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