Pelvic Floor Equipment Podcast with Fiona Rogers

Fiona Rogers from Pelvic Floor Exercise talks in this podcast with Dianne about pelvic floor equipment that could enhance the recovery of the pelvic floor for some postnatal mums. She highlights taking the time needed to “let yourself heal” following pregnancy and childbirth and gives advice on getting back to activity during this special time.  


For postnatal women who are planning to return to impact exercise and running or exercise at the gym or in a fitness program that involves impact, pelvic floor weights can be a useful tool.

In this podcast Fiona talks about some different ways that pelvic floor weights can be a useful biofeedback tool, and a very good tool for building endurance, once you have built up a degree of recovery and strength first. Using a pelvic floor weight can help to take things to the next level.

Pelvic floor weights can also be used to test how your pelvic floor is working and can give you feedback if your technique is not correct, as you would push the weight out instead of holding it inside with your pelvic floor muscles. A pelvic floor weight could also slide out with breath holding or a bearing down action, so Fiona discusses how they can help with coordination including during movement patterns for example a lunge, which you can test at home.
To listen to Fiona, talk about pelvic floor weights and other pelvic floor equipment that can be helpful during your postnatal recovery stages, listen to the podcast or on Spotify HERE.