The Big Reveal: Creative Ways to Tell Him You're Pregnant

Try to imagine a more exciting moment than the one when you realize you're pregnant.

Harness that emotion and put it to work to create an equally exciting moment for your husband.

If you can restrain yourself from yelling the news as soon as you see him, make the revelation a story he'll want to tell for years to come.

Enlist the Family

Especially if you consider your dog your first child, what better way to let your husband know that a baby is on the way than with the help of your four-legged family member? Attach a note to his collar that reads, "I'm gonna be a big brother!" or "You're going to be a daddy." For some irreverent fun, write, "You knocked up mom." It may take a moment for the words to sink in, but your husband will likely never have a happier greeting when he gets home. 

Feed Him the News

Plan a theme dinner and see how long it takes him to put it together. Serve baby-back ribs with baby carrots and baby corn. If he makes it through the whole meal without figuring it out, a box of Sugar Babies for dessert aught to seal the deal.

For a more direct announcement, make a custom label on your computer that has your names followed by "are Prego" and put it on a jar of tomato sauce. If your husband has a sweet tooth, bake a cake with a message like, "We're pregnant" or "And baby makes three." Order customized fortune cookies with the big news inside. After giving one to your husband to let him know, you can invite family and friends over for dinner and present them each with one as dessert to let them all in on the secret.

Wear It

Have a t-shirt made for him that says, "Baby Daddy," "I put a bun in her oven," or "My boys can swim!" Give it to him as a gift or hand it to him when you are getting ready to go for a run or to work in the yard. Greet him with your own shirt saying "Bun in the oven" or "Pea in the Pod." Both of you can wear your special shirts when you're ready to tell friends and family for the first time.

For a more risque reveal, get temporary tattoos that read, "I'm Pregnant." Apply them to locations only he will see.

Make a Note of It

Do a little digging and you can even find greeting cards for such an occasion, or you can make one yourself. Tell him "It's all your fault ... " or "You aren't the only love of my life ... " followed by the message that he's about to be a daddy on the inside of the card. Send flowers to him at work with a note reading, "Can't wait to meet you, Daddy." Announce it to friends and family with your photo holiday card, noting that the picture is actually of the "three" of you.

The Greatest Gift

Even if it's not his birthday, give him a little gift he'll never forget. You can simply wrap up the positive pregnancy test or you can give him a lasting memento. Give him a onesie from his favorite sports team, his alma mater or that says "Daddy's Future Caddy" if he's a golfer. Give him a book like "What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding" or a movie such as "Knocked Up."

Create a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience for your husband by revealing your big news in a way that highlights the uniqueness of your relationship.

This article has been written for us by Merideth Evans.

Meredith is a flutist and writer from Tucson, Ariz.

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