Pre Pregnancy Planning

When you are planning a pregnancy, you will likely think about your dietary needs, exercising and blood tests you may need. You may also consider how well your body structure is prepared to carry a baby during pregnancy. Extra demands from a growing baby and changing body shape mean that your joints and muscles which surround the baby need to do a lot more work. If you have any areas weakness, identify these now before you become pregnant and you will be better prepared for the road ahead.

Our checklist can help you to identify areas which may need more attention:

Back pain history

o Have you had back or pelvic joint pain in the past?

If yes - often previous back or pelvic joint pain can mean that there can be areas of stiffness, tightness or weakness in your back, and before you become pregnant it is a good time to address this. For more information read Taking Care of Your Back.

 o Do you have back or pelvic joint pain at the moment?

If yes – read the article Taking Care of Your Back and seek further advice from your health professional, ideally before you become pregnant.

A well developed pre pregnancy fitness program can be a great investment at this time also. If you are exercising already, that is great. If not, consider a plan to invest the coming months in improving your fitness, including your general flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness.

If you have a longer history of back or pelvic joint pain, then working with your health and exercise professionals now, will allow you to develop an important support network, to assist you in being comfortable when you become pregnant. If possible, choose someone who works in the area of pregnancy and postnatal health and fitness.


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