Releasing tension in your body

Tension in your body can result from day to day stressors, but as bigger ones are added such as lockdown, restrictions, changes in work patterns or anticipating labour and birth, tension can build up.

One of the effects of tension can be breath holding, often occurring subconsciously, without you being aware of it. This in turn can lead to restricted breathing patterns, tension being held in the upper abdominal muscles and sometimes, pressure being put down upon the pelvic floor. If you have any symptoms of prolapse during your pregnancy or after the birth, then you may notice that holding your breath can make it worse.

Doing some releasing stretches can help to ease the tension and the effect of subconscious breath holding. So can doing some focused breaths out when you push, pull, hold or lift anything.
Here are some stretches that you can use to release tension during your pregnancy.

(Precaution: check with your health care provider if you are experiencing any back or pelvic pain or health issues affecting your ability to exercise before doing these stretches).

Standing Side Stretch

  1. Standing reach one arm up to feel a stretch at the side of your body

  2. Add a slight side bend if this is comfortable

  3. Optional – look up at your hand

  4. Hold the stretch for between 8 – 12 seconds up to 20 – 30 seconds

  5. Focus on your breathing out during this stretch

  6. Change sides and repeat each side 3 – 5 times

  7. No pain, dizziness or lightheadedness should be felt during this stretch


Seated Rotation

  1. Sit tall with legs crossed, or if seated on a chair, legs comfortable

  2. Turn your body to feel a stretch, as far as feels comfortable

  3. Optional – add gentle overpressure using your hands

  4. Focus on the breath out, hold the stretch for 8 – 12 seconds, and release

  5. Change sides and repeat 3 – 5 times each side

  6. A longer stretch is optional, with more focus on the breath out


Seated inside thigh stretch

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with legs apart

  2. Breathe out as you lean forwards until you feel a gentle inner thigh stretch

  3. Hold the stretch and continue to breath out, release

  4. Aim to hold the stretch for a comfortable length of time, from 6 – 12 seconds up to 30 seconds.

  5. Ensure you feel no pain in your back or pelvic joints during this stretch

    Seek advice from your health and medical professional for any concerns during your pregnancy. Do not continue with a stretch that does not feel right or comfortable for you.

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