Innovative Physio Pilates - Pelvic Floor Fitness, Edithvale VIC

Innovative Physio/Pilates founded by Gillian Smith post-graduate Musculoskeletal and Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Debbi Fretus, Pilates Practitioner and Myotherapist, have a keen focus on preparing women for pregnancy and rehabilitating to ideal function after the birth of their child. Gillian lectures to the fitness industry and at professional conferences on Pelvic Floor Muscle Health and the risk of prolapse and incontinence in the strength based fitness environment. Back, pelvic pain and incontinence (evidence supports this link) for a new or expectant mum can be a great bother. Gillian and Debbi have founded an Educational Model called Pelvic Floor Fitness which provides fitness instructors working with women, especially pregnant and postnatal, with assessment skills on whether your clients are correctly recruiting their pelvic floor. This is a critical movement pattern for safe and effective exercise.

Limitless Health and Fitness, Northern Beaches Sydney, NSW

Limitless health and Fitness are degree qualified personal trainers based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Limitless have over 7 years of experience in training pre and post natal clients and we look forward to helping you. Our specialities include diastasis recti recovery, pelvic floor, lower back pain and regaining your pre pregnancy body. Limitless have many packages on offer including 1 on 1, post natal recovery packs as well as outdoor boot camps at several different locations around the Northern Beaches for mothers returning to exercise. We have the tools, means and expertise to help you prepare for childbirth and quickly bounce back to your pre-baby body. Good luck and we hope to see you soon.

Vanea Atwood Sports Focus Physiotherapy & Pilates - Northbridge, Sydney NSW

Vanea Atwood is a Physiotherapist working in Women’s Health and Continence and a Clinical Pilates Teacher providing Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Services. Vanea offers an experienced, professional approach to pre and post natal Physiotherapy and Pelvic floor problems. Individual Pelvic Floor Assessment and treatment is carried out in a private consulting room and is part of the overall approach to safe exercise and improved pelvic health outcomes for all clients. Small Group education and individual exercise prescription for women, is the best practise setting for re- training pelvic problems.