Caesarean Section Recovery

Some really good information is available on some Physiotherapy websites which have been chosen to include on this page and links to these have been included below, to help you follow suitable advice following your caesarean section. 

FitRight Physio website
Read more on the FitRight website for a comprehensive guide to your questions on Caesareans.

You can read Taryn Watson, owner of FitRight and Women’s and Pelvic health physiotherapist’s Top 6 tips for your best C section recovery here.

Running to the Core Podcast


On this podcast with Physical Therapist from New York City, Dianne talks with Marianne Ryan about early tips to follow after having a caesarean section. Listening to this during your pregnancy, if you are having a planned caesarean, will help you in the early postnatal days.

Marianne talks about her tips for scar tissue massage, that she has written about in her book and program Baby Bod.

Listen to the Podcast HERE

Scar Tissue Massage Video

Physical Therapist Lynne Schulte also has a video on scar tissue massage, working on progressing the level of pressure that is applied as the scar heals. Lynne has used this massage even with ‘older’ caesarean scars and teaches Physical Therapists about pregnancy and postnatal treatments through The Institute of Birth Healing 3 Causes Of Low Back Pain After Birth - Institute For Birth Healing


Some tips to consider when building in movement and stretching postnatally

When comfortable, start to return to reaching your arms up during activities to regain full range of movement in your body, without excessive or uncomfortable pulling.

Start to lie on your stomach again when you are ready, once you feel that your scar has healed, which may be after 4-6 weeks before you feel able to start doing this.

Do your postnatal abdominal bracing exercises to help regain tone in your abdominal wall after it has been stretched and lengthened during your pregnancy.

Include pelvic floor exercises in your routine each day. If unsure, seek further advice or an assessment from your pelvic and women’s health physiotherapist.

iStock_Stretch-with-baby000019523635XSmall.jpgTo help tone your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor here are some early postnatal exercise options.

Ensure each exercise you do feels comfortable with no pain or strong pulling on your scar.


Find As Your Shape Changes - available to use as your personal body booklet record during your postnatal recovery.

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