Side Hustles That Help You Make Extra Money During Your Pregnancy

Getting ready to welcome a new member to your family is an exciting but stressful time. After all, your body is probably going through some pretty intense changes. You also have to face the financial reality that children are pretty expensive. For women experiencing complications during pregnancy, continuing to work may not be an option.
Even if you don't have to leave your job for the health of your baby, you may still worry about whether your budget can support all of the items you need for your unborn child. Never fear, because there are many options available to mothers-to-be who have the motivation to earn some extra income. All it takes is a little bit of research and dedication to follow through.


Online Surveys Are a Great Option, Even if You Can't Leave Your Bed

Believe it or not, there are many companies that pay individuals to fill out surveys. In some cases, there are also consumer panels that you can participate in, even remotely. Joining a survey site that needs people in your area is a great way to make extra money in your spare time. Most surveys take only a few minutes, although some can take 20 minutes or longer. Filling out a few a day is a great way to increase your family budget while you're waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive.

Clear Out Your Nursery and Sell Unwanted Stuff

Most people have closets and even spare rooms full of boxes of items they no longer use or need. Whether that includes old clothing or movies you no longer watch, those items take up space and represent a significant amount of money. If you need to make room for a new addition to your family, the chances are good that you need to get rid of some of those items. 

Thankfully, there are many ways that you can potentially sell those items online. Whether you list them on eBay or use a free classifieds listing online, there are many potential ways to turn those unwanted items around your house into money. Start sorting through your storage now to find potentially valuable items you can resell.


Tutoring From Home Is an Option for Some

If you have a career, it is likely that you have a specialised education. You can use your knowledge and talents to help someone else pursuing a similar career path. Online tutoring can be potentially lucrative.

Even if you don't have a specialized career field, you may be able to still make money tutoring. People all over the world want to learn English, and your location in Australia means that you are in a similar time zone to the millions of people throughout Asia who wish to learn English. Video chatting with them is an excellent way to make money and help someone else achieve a life goal. 

These three ideas are just a few options. There are many potential ways for you to make money during pregnancy that will not strain you or stress your unborn child. All you need is the drive and a little extra time, and you can boost your income while you're expecting.  

Article written by writer Jackie Edwards
Image provided by Mon Petit Chou Photography,