The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 22 Apr 2013 0

I love those words by author Katrina Kenison in her book The Gift of an Ordinary Day. I read the first chapter yesterday. After hearing her speak in an interview with the Power of Mums recently, I ordered a number of her books to read, including Magical Journey, An Apprenticeship in Contentment.

The desire to slow down is in many mums it seems, and Katrina captures this in her book, exploring her journey on the pages as she writes, seemingly to many other mums in the world who have responded to her. Her You Tube clips  encompass many things as she reads excerpts from her both of herbooks.

I read and hear about many mothers who struggle for the balance in the journey, the quest for the right amount of this and the better amount of that, as I do so myself. I heard Katrina speak at a time that I was too saying how much milk we were going through as my children grow up, and when lately I feel like I have been endlessly at the shop.

Katrina speaks about the quietness in the home when the children have gone at the other end, leaving home to go away to college or school. When children are little and we are in the middle of endless nappies, meal preparation, washing, shopping and the list goes on, we don’t stop always (we don’t get a chance to stop) and realise that one day those days will be gone. She talks about mums memories fading of the days with a child wrapped around their legs, and of the milk bottles in the fridge going off because there is no longer anyone home to drink it. It was a timely reminder to me that times do change, and that this season won’t last forever. This serves as another reminder to learn how to enjoy the present moment of time with my children.

Also in the days that this world experiences where there is turmoil and unexpected changes and tragedies seen on the news so frequently, the Gift of an Ordinary Day is a gift. I look around and see the changes so many people endure, and that what an ordinary day means to me, is so far away and different to what another mother has as her ordinary day. 
As I slow down to look, to absorb more at the crossroads I am at on my journey, I can ask, which way is the best for me and my family at this present moment. That is why I was on The Power of Mums website, listening to the audio recording of April and Saren talking about “Our Deeper Yes”. I need to stop and park the car for a while to turn off the noise and listen to what is deeper inside my heart as a mother, as a wife, as fitness instructor – or do I say as a writer and as a creator of some things new, that I have the desire to bring to life.

Certainly stopping long enough to listen to more of Dr Sara Gottfried’s work helps me to decipher what is needed as I listen to her audio’s and continue with training as a Hormone Cure Evangalista.


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