Fit for Birth and Beyond: The guide for women over 35

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 11 Apr 2014 0

Ten years ago, it was far more common for a teenager to become a mum for the first time than it was for a woman over 40. The trend is now reversed with ABS statistics showing that there are now more 40 plus first-time mums than ever before.

Fitness expert Suzy Clarkson is one of the many women to choose briefcases over basinets. She had her first child in her late thirties, having built a successful career in broadcasting. Suzy knows from firsthand experience that it’s a choice that often comes at a price.

Many older women spend months, if not years, trying for motherhood. They then endure an anxious pregnancy wondering if they are eating and exercising properly.

Her new book Fit for Birth and Beyond: The guide for women over 35 aims to help the growing number of mature mums through their pregnancies, safely and actively so they can make the most of the experience. It also gives advice on how to get back into shape, not to stick-figure thin, but to a healthy, realistic post-baby body.

The information Suzy provides is based on the latest research, and is endorsed by leading specialists in obstetrics and fertility, with Obstetrician Dr Dereck Souter FRCOG. describing Fit for Birth and Beyond as ’Excellent’ and ‘likely to become the defining book of exercise in pregnancy.’

The book was born from Suzy’s personal journey, for while her first pregnancy at the age of 39 was relatively trouble-free, trying to get pregnant again a few years later was very different. Following extensive fertility treatment, she gave birth to her second child at the age of 45. Her experience highlighted the need for good quality, accessible information for women having babies in their late thirties and beyond.

Fit for Birth and Beyond: The guide for women over 35, includes an easy-to follow fitness programme which takes readers through each trimester, showing suitable exercises and suggesting how to develop healthy habits and good nutrition to achieve a safe outcome, and a speedy recovery. It is fully illustrated with step-by-step photographs showing the exercises in detail.

Fit for Birth and Beyond is more than just exercises. Suzy is a ‘real mum’ who offers encouragement, guidance and compassionate insights to all mothers.

About the author:
Originally trained in physiotherapy, Suzy had an extensive and successful career in broadcasting before becoming a prime time television news presenter for six years. Her book, Healthy Body Healthy Mind, was published in 1997. She has also produced four aerobic videos.

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