Exercise Modifications during Pregnancy

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 18 Aug 2015 0

While there are modifications of exercises recommended during pregnancy and for postnatal women, there are often times that modifications within these exercises themselves need to be made. Each woman seen by a fitness or health professional needs individual attention at regular intervals during their pregnancy.

Often at the 20 – 24 week mark, the abdominal muscle wall changes as the baby inside the uterus moves up outside of the pelvis, and at this time, alterations to some exercises such as the plank may be needed.  Some women however may need modification further, especially if they have a weaker or laxer abdominal wall or pelvic floor, which can be more likely when it is not their first pregnancy. Even when the plank is done on the knees there is pressure within the abdominal wall that can still push down on the pelvic floor or place stress on the abdominal muscles.

To read more on this topic, where this excerpt is taken from, and written as a Pelvic Floor First campaign Ambassador, visit The Pelvic Floor First website.

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