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Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 29 Aug 2011 1

I have a picture clock made by my son at school last year which says “Make time for me”. I am wondering though, as a mother, should I also consider “Take time for me”. As mothers or mothers to be, we know that time is precious, but then again so are we. Twice today have I spoken with key mothers who I know, and talked about the importance of giving ourselves time and attention, in areas of our lives. As a mother and a woman we give out readily, but how refreshing and luxurious does it seem to take that moment to ourselves, to breathe again and pause.        To ‘feel’ and ‘to be’.

Whether it be a big time or a little time, a minute, a moment or a marathon, all are about taking time for the ‘me’ part of our identity. Mother, daughter, sister, friend, cook, cleaner, shopper, taxi driver, adjudicator, wife, partner. In all of these roles we give out of ourselves. Mothers who work outside the home also play the balance game daily, as many tasks call out for our attention. But, who is the me inside the Mum or the Mummy? Is she still there? Did she stay there by her nurturing and being nurtured, or has part of her inside died, quietened down or even gone to sleep?

To me the ideal would be to have a planning time with me, before pregnancy and childbirth, to write down and record my favourite things I use to refresh myself, recipes, dreams, ideas and hobbies. If I could turn back time now to look at those pages, it would be an unfolding process to bring back to life the pieces that I have let go of, because there were many more things claiming my attention. Because I am more inwards reflecting by nature, this would work for me. But what would work for you? Have you the time now, while you are pregnant, to sit and reflect on the past, enjoy the moments and look to the future. To capture in time moments and memories about who you are and your identity, and even to look expectantly at what you are willing to let go of, and what keys you’d want to hold onto, that make you who you are?

Whether it be a shower, a spa, a massage, walk, coffee with friends, taking photos, your favourite place or room, gardening or a special meal. Why not record now those special meaningful key parts of you, the moments that you do not want to give up, and hold onto them as priorities to keep as you embark on the journey of life as a mother? As you take your piece of the pie first and nurture yourself, this will also help you to keep your peace, as the roles of motherhood unfold, develop and expand. Enjoy the journey and remember to be the best ME that you can be.

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