What about that cup of tea?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 29 Aug 2011 0

I remember some years back when my children were both younger, my brother saying to me “Are you going to make that cup of tea?” I would keep going to the kettle, continually re-boiling it but never following through to the stage of actually making the cuppa. Something would happen that needed my attention and my desire to sit down and relax with my hands around a warm drink continued to be elusive, getting further away by the minute.

Maybe at that point I could have:
- asked him to make me the cuppa
- asked him to mind the children so that I could have made the cuppa (he probably was already playing with them), or
- dreamt that the maid would complete making that cuppa, have prepared a nice clear uncluttered space for me to sit and taken the children to play for 30 minutes. I could then have a cuppa and read a magazine – or at least look at the pictures for home and garden ideas.

I didn’t realise what I was doing then, but do you know, I think I am still making up for those cold cuppa days, because I love to have a long and continual cup of green tea now, with me when I am at the computer or desk.

Recently I started to look at the home and garden magazine, with at last some hope that this is a possibility again. Because I gave a lot of time to volunteer positions from when my children were small until now, the time for me is what I spent less on.

So, as a mother or a mother to be, if a hot cup of tea (or coffee) is your ‘cup of tea’, think of ways to make this important refreshment a key essential in your day!

Can you ask one of your visitors to make the tea or coffee when they come, and then hold the baby for some of the time so that you can enjoy yours also?

Can you use your special cup (unless you have toddlers around) so that it ‘feels’ more special?

Can you set your sit down, relax and be refreshed time as key essentials in your day? A little bit more rest and refreshment can help you endure the long hours that come with motherhood.

You are special.

             You are a mother or are soon to be one.

                             Reward yourself – try a new flavour

                                       - The ME flavour. Refill the ME part of being a MUMM(E)Y, rather than pushing                                                     through until you are empty, and fill up your cup often.

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