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Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 08 Feb 2013 0

Saying and doing are two different things, and I like it most when they are connected and I actually do follow through with what I say, and don't need to 'make excuses' or 'explain the reasons', apologising for saying and not doing. Along the way it is easy to let other things get in the way, to say yes or to take up something that wasn't quite on the agenda for that day, week or month, and then to find that I was completely on the wrong path or had even forgotten about  my commitment, or more often, what day it was and how fast the months have gone already this year.

I don't often quit, but a while back I did quit, pulling out of finishing my fitness course because I just wasn't getting it done. I struggled with the fact that I had quit for around 6 months and then pulled every effort together to get it started again. Even then, it took SO much effort to even get there at the end of last year - not because it was too hard in terms of the course, but because I still seemed to put it last after everything else. I would feed my children, sort the house, answer emails, attend committee meetings, and find it really hard to even get an hour of uninterrupted time to complete a part of an assignment.

Hitting the wall towards the end, I enlisted the support of my Facebook friends who encouraged me no end with their congratulations that I had come that far, that I could no longer turn back and not finish the course. Glad to say now, that I am on the other side, and that I now have my certificate as an Elite Personal Trainer and that even yesterday I took another small step towards starting this new part of my business.

But on the other hand, I found myself admitting defeat in another area of my business and feeling like I wanted to quit again! I was finding myself frustrated, like a kid who couldn't express what was really going on, even getting cranky at my kids because of it.

So I finally did something else that I haven't done very often and, wait for it, ASKED FOR HELP! I admitted my problem to my husband, enlisting his support, to a friend who helps me write and works in the business, and even to another friend last night. So now on the 'other side' again, I can decide to keep going forwards with ideas and support and understanding, rather than just going it alone, pushing through the barriers and overcoming obstacles, without any support or help. I expect that is why people work in teams, have coaches and training partners! To help them when they need that further encouragement to realise how far they have come, what they have already come through and to help them to keep going.

Stay tuned to see where this goes, and thanks for joining the journey of the motherhood Blog in The Pregnancy Centre.

And keep going. Never give up on your goals and if you need some extra inspiration if you are mum who is working or growing a business watch Marie Forleo's special episode for working mums which came at a good time this week. I think I should just watch it again!

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