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Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 12 Jan 2017 0

Just reading from my favourite teacher Dr Sara Gottfried in her email this week how has learned from a friend about the idea of essentialism. 

She says, “It means, simply: Do less better”.

It could be “do less, but better” and “do less well” and as I have learned so much from Dr Sara over the last 4 – 5 years, I want to absorb this one too.

I’ve also heard April Wilson Perry from Learn, Do, Become talk about Essentialism as she interviewed Greg McKeown the author of the book Essentialism.

Every year Dr Sara and her friend choose 1 word instead of a resolution for the year. She did it when we did a course a few years back, but I had forgotten about this, although currently doing a business program called the 90 Day Year by Todd Herman I now have a number of simple themes in place for days and the next three months to focus on.
Dr Sara as a doctor, author, speaker, wife, mother, friend, and the list goes on, goes on to say that Essentialism is “The disciplined pursuit of less” instead of the “I have to do it all” concept.

As someone used to pushing hard, I learned from her there were new ways and other ways to do things, but it takes returning to the basics to deepen and enhance them deliberately, by choice.

That’s why I am also looking forward to seeing her launch her third book, sounding like it is coming very soon. I have been following her work since before the release of her first book, the New York Times best seller The Hormone Cure, and also her second, also hitting the NYT best seller list, The Reset Diet.

Looking forward to learning more about how to do less, as she implements this, and spreads her new messages this coming year.

I also look forward to learning more from Dr Sara and other Women Wiser than Me during this coming year.
Have you got a theme for this year? If not she says we can take the rest of the month to play around with it and decide.

Dianne 13/01/2017 9:50:25 PM Great motto, I like that one! Taking a slow deep breath to absorb it. Hope it serves you well.
Jennifer Blackford 13/01/2017 5:35:58 PM I love this concept. My motto for this year is, 'Stop, Slow Down and Focus on One Thing'.
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