If at First I don't succeed? I will use my female brain.

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 01 Jul 2013 0

A while ago I determined to write weekly Blogs, after monthly posts mainly, during our long, extended website redevelopment phase ‘2’. I managed this for the month of April, and felt creative and inspired to write – until my focus changed to the financial side of the business for a month, and my blogs “fell over the edge”, of what I could manage, and got ‘lost’ for a while. It was literally like both parts of my brain – the creative writing side, and the thinking on the financial side, couldn’t work together! I didn’t have enough ‘brain reserve’ to do both.

I recently have been listening to Dr Daniel Amen “The Brain Doctor”, and have started to read his newly published in 2013 book called “Unleashing the Power of the Female Brain”. He talks about the notion of ‘brain reserve’ and ‘loving up your brain’. I found it really interesting, as there have been times when I literally have felt ‘brain tired’ or ‘brain drained’ and it is now scientifically proven that the brain reserve can be used and needs to be refilled and refuelled.
The biggest time to me is when I needed, I really felt I needed, 6 months to ‘recover’ from the 18 month Project Manager position, in which I helped create the Pelvic Floor First Project resources, fitness instructor CEC accredited pelvic floor courses and generally contribute to the development of every little piece, which may have been making sure that the right people commented and had input to a document. Because I lived rurally, in a small place with limited facilities and ironically no fitness facilities to visit and trial resources or ideas on, I was free to think, process, assimilate and give ALL my brain power at the time to Pelvic Floor First.
When I look at now how it continues and lives and breathes still through the power of the team at the Continence Foundation of Australia it is quite amazing. With their ambassadors, partners, health and fitness professionals, Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapists and the participants using the programs, I can see how it takes such an inspiring team to create and fulfil such a big dream, to change the health of a nation, one pelvic floor safe program at a time, for the women who need it.

With the statistics continuing to be 1 in 3 women who have ever had a baby will wet themselves, we need more than ever to pull together and “Unleash the Power of our Female Brains”, to help each other be the women, wives, partners, mothers, lovers and all else that we want to be and do.
Recently I listened to a “Fireside Chat” Interview with Dr Sara Gottfried and Dr Daniel Amen, and one key message was how to “love up your brain”.

It matches the things I have learned from Dr Sara and more, as when two amazing doctors talk together, there’s a new dynamic of teaching to learn from!


In my next Blog I will outline some of the new and practical steps to loving up your female brain in order to help you reach your unique purpose. For me more salmon (Omega 3’s) is one practical point to refill and refuel my brain and mindfully enjoy each bite.

Now that I’ve had a brain break and have new things to contribute, I am going to ‘attempt’ twice a week Blogging – the parting suggestion from Beth, my support as Project Manager from the Get Started Web Design team. Beth has been with me from the beginning of the redesign of our website, which we started planning in 2009, just at the point of the start of the Pelvic Floor First Project.
Have you got something that you have been ‘attempting’ to do and need to step up to? Or can you step up your level of self care – in nurturing your female brain, and caring for your pelvic floor first?  Please share your comments or your commitments below.


Lori Forner 12/08/2013 6:35:49 AM Amazing work on Pelvic Floor First!!!! Thank you for your passion in helping women! :)
Jayden Eden 17/04/2014 12:33:42 PM The brain is an amazing tool if you know how to use it and sharpen it. You can literally do anything you set your mind to. I love how you mentioned that the "brain reserve can be used and needs to be refilled," because it is very true. If you train your brain, you can learn to use more of it. By doing this, you will become a smarter human being.
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