Why am I eating this?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 02 Mar 2012 0

One day a few years ago, I realised I was eating sausages because that’s what my son liked at the time, but I remembered that I actually didn’t like sausages. Well very rarely, they had to be good. So what am I doing eating this? How can someone who knows about health and fitness slip into bad habits? I can list as many excuses or “reasons” as anyone. Lack of time; juggling work, home and volunteer commitments; long days; access to the shops and food variety due to location; tiredness; lack of inspiration about cooking because it is a relentless task and last but not least, a husband working long hours. I do admire single mums and those with husbands or partners who work away as I don’t know how they do it.

My inspirational kitchen extraordinaire mum friend (IKEMF) says that she runs her house like a military camp, and because her husband worked away a lot, she dedicated much time and energy to making sure that a healthy kitchen ruled in her house. With a personal training background behind her, we are going to benefit greatly at The Pregnancy Centre from her food sense and inspirations, and we look forward to bringing you some interesting and ‘easy’ recipe suggestions in the coming months. We are both dedicated to helping new mums from the start of motherhood get and stay on top of the continual demands that come as children grow, of putting food onto bench, table and plate and into hungry mouths.

As the kilos can sneak up for unsuspecting mums, sometimes not until there is more to juggle, how can we be purposeful about what WE are eating, and not let the quality of our own food slip. Sometimes too, we can swap quality for quantity and find ourselves eating things of less quality and taste to us as quicker food preparation is needed. So for me, somehow, five years later after my second child, I found myself eating sausages and bread instead of a nice homemade curry for dinner! How did that happen? Now I can’t change things back and reteach my children to eat curry straight away, but if I had been purposeful back then, only if I had known what I know now, I would have introduced it earlier. My IKEMF however has been much wiser in this department, and has children who eat most anything she puts on their plate now that they are older!

Why am I talking about this? Again, one we hope to bring you good nutrition and food or recipe ideas to help you on your own journey as a mum. We also would like to acknowledge how hard it is sometimes to keep up the regimes of being healthy, and know that every little food choice we make does have consequences down the track. I also hope that my mistakes, will save you from making the same, or at least being mindful that you are doing them. Plus, we know that a healthy mum has more energy, time for herself, time for her baby or children, time to exercise and to enjoy the things of life. Did I mention time to spend with her husband or partner also – and they probably will enjoy the interesting food too, but perhaps if they helped to make some of it.....well that’s another story.

I have read and heard a number of times recently, the word ‘intentional’. I have heard it in relation to parenting, and we can also use it here. If you know that you want to get, be and stay healthy, then it is something to be ‘intentional’ about. How do you get there? How do you stay there? With good ‘intentional’ daily choices to do so, and saying no to those things that come across your plate, that are not going to help you be an ‘intentionally healthy mum’.

We will leave this here for the moment, and ask you to stay tuned for the good news about food, dietitian tips and recipes that will be coming soon to The Pregnancy Centre.

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