How can I have Tiara time when I can't find my Tiara?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 13 May 2013 0

Tiara time is something Dr Sara Gottfried, author of the new book called The Hormone Cure, promotes for women, which she spoke about on the Ricki Lake Show last year.

She advocates using a tiara to signify to your family, children, significant other or even work colleagues, that you are taking some time out for now for your own self care. You can wear the tiara for 5, 10, 15 or more minutes, but the act of putting on the tiara helps you to build the level of your own self care.

You can read, phone a friend, create, have a bath, rest – it’s all open to your needs – but taking this action can help to reduce stress when ‘prescribed’ even several times a week. This helps to reduce the release of cortisol, the main hormone released when we are stressed. This in turn results in downstream effects on other hormones and is one step taken towards improving yo
ur health.

I learned about this back in October last year, bought a tiara (just in the toy section) and even demonstrated it in a course that I ran on pregnancy and postnatal fitness for some instructors, as an introduction to Dr Sara’s work.

I started to then learn so many other things from Dr Sara that I forgot about tiara time, but in the process made so many other changes that ‘it didn’t matter’ until the other day when we came home late from a soccer training. I had no dinner prepared, it had been a long school term and it was now school holidays, and I could feel the cortisol building. I stopped and went into the lounge room and did the great release that Dr Sara shows here. While on the floor I remembered about ‘tiara time’.

I could feel the relief and the release, and at the same time realising that recognising my need for ‘tiara time’ on prescribed “three times a week for 10 minutes basis”. MMM sounds good right? Well, I have remembered again about tiara time, but at the moment, I can’t find where I put my tiara!!!!

I have Dr Sara’s new book though, a lot of resources to read, our Evangalista community discussions and course and so much more to learn! And if I can’t find my first tiara soon, perhaps I could upgrade to a new one.

Lori Forner 1/06/2013 1:14:13 PM Hi Dianne!

I am a physio in here in Brisbane and deal mostly now with Women's Health-related patients. I heard about Dr Gottfried's book a short while ago and it's on my to-read list! I love the tiara idea! I think it's so important for any postnatal mom, whether new or 9 1/2 yrs later, to take time out for themselves. We don't do it enough. Even to eat - I tend to catch myself eating standing up or on the run :)

Thank you so much for your blogs, I really enjoy them and I advise my patients to read them as well.

Dianne Edmonds 3/06/2013 5:24:30 PM Thanks Lori for your comments. It would be great for postnatal mums to learn this now and not take 9 1/2 years like I did to find out about this information. I was listening to Dr Sara last night and was reminded that we can help join in with her audacious goal to balance the hormones of 1 million women in 2013 - starting here with our postnatal mums!

Thanks again Lori!
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