The Pregnancy Centre turns 12

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 26 Oct 2011 4

The month of October was The Pregnancy Centre's 12th birthday! There have been a lot of new arrivals and celebrations in this time, including our new website.

The Pregnancy Centre is very grateful to the many health and fitness professionals who have supported us along the way but most of all, to all the mums whose contributions and valuable feedback have made it possible to streamline our information so we know we are always providing the best and most relevant topics to our readers. However, with that comes the need to often stop and make some small adjustments before continuing along the way. Our newsletter articles this month highlight the need to regularly do this whether it is before, during or after pregnancy – it may mean stopping for a little ‘me’ time or investing that ‘me’ time now, so that both your body and your baby or babies reap the benefits later on.

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