Can I have one too?

Written by: Dianne Edmonds Posted on 20 Sep 2012 1

We don't always get it right and knowing does not always translate to doing. I look back at a little story I wrote last year, and despite knowing that this special red fruit is very good for me too, it was easy to give it away rather than give it to me.

"I just collected in the shopping and as the strawberry punnet opened in the bag, a lone strawberry drops to the ground into the dirt. When picking it up to wash it off, I found myself thinking “Can I have one too”.  I haven’t often stopped to consider giving myself a strawberry to eat, as most often I am carefully washing them off for school lunches and snacks for my children. As a favourite fruit for one of my children, one punnet usually doesn’t get shared with Mum. Stopping to think of the one that fell on the ground – it’s time to go back to ‘time for me’ and prepare some good fresh fruit and food for myself to give me the nutrition and energy that I need to be a Super Mum. “Ha Ha, who can be one of those you say”? Well I’ll start with one strawberry and see what I can do."

Now that it has come around to Spring again - there are lots of punnets of strawberries now and one of them is mine.
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